Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summer fun

A glimpse of a few summer fun times....

One evening, we had planned to go to the airport restaurant (which ended up having a class reunion occupying the outside portion..which is kind of the best part of eating there). So, we ended up eating at Olive Garden (Christian's favorite) and then went to Barnes & Noble afterwards. It was a really fun time. We read books in the children's section, played with the Legos, and searched through the toys. Afterwards, we walked around near the water fountain and got a scoop of bubble gum ice cream from Marble Slab. It was a successful and fun night!

 We went to watch Mitchell play softball one evening. The Possums were smoking the pants off of the other team, so we walked to the nearby park. Oh Noah and his faces...he cracks me up. 
Just moments after this picture, Noah was going up the slide stairs, almost near the top when a fly ball flew over the fence, and landed at the top of the slide. My mama heart...aaaahhhh! I was thankful for the angels that kept him safe.

We went to the drive in on a Friday night to see Minions and Inside Out. These two stayed up for BOTH movies! Jonah needed some assistance to fall asleep, but then he was good to go. Snacks and drinks...made this outing complete. It was a humid night, but hearing their laughs made it very worth while.

I think the summer fun check list is probably not going to be completed this year..
but I'm grateful for the things that we DO get to do!

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