Saturday, July 18, 2015

Colorado Vacation [our family]

Family Vacation
Oh this vacation is one I have been SO looking forward to this summer. I have been working full time hours since the last week in May, and by far the hardest part is being away from my little boys.
So, the 2 1/2 days that we spent together prior to the larger Sweigart family vacation was very much needed and thoroughly enjoyed.

We left as soon as we could get things around in the morning on Thursday. The boys traveled well.

We got to Colorado Springs late afternoon. Checked into the hotel, then went to find some food. We ate at an authentic Mexican restaurant, which was good. It had started to rain while we were eating, and when we came out..the most beautiful double rainbow greeted us. Its so amazing to see God's handiwork...mountains and really bright double words to describe the awesomeness.

 I also had forgot to pack swimmer diapers, so we made a stop at Target (and by coincidence they had SEVERAL good clearance items that made it into our cart).
Our little minion man. He looked like he was made for this hat (however, we did not buy it.).
Friday, we ate breakfast at the hotel (a pretty nice continental breakfast). We then headed to Cave of the Winds near Manitou Springs.

 We had to wait about an hour before our tour. There was a wooden cave maze that was set up like a big box crate for Christian and Noah to go through at least five times. And then, we went with the 12 or so others on our tour of the cave inside the mountain. It was very informative, yet enjoyable for Christian and Noah. Jonah slept in the baby carrier I had on, almost the entire 45 minutes. It's just so fascinating what they can know about the history behind these caves and what the people from along time ago went through to see them.

We were very hungry after all the walking and stairs, and it was well after noon. So, I'm very glad we found this pizza place in Manitou Springs. It was a hole-in-the-wall type place with amazing pizza and cheese breadsticks. Savelli's...I would definitely go back there if we're ever in the area!

It was overcast, so we decided to just walk around a bit while we were in the area. There was a path that followed a stream...nothing more than enjoying being outside with the boys I love, surrounded by nature. Loved this.

My very favorite picture of my guys.

We went back to the hotel, took naps, then went to a park in Southern CO Springs.
Just a really nice day.

We ate a place called the Mason Jar on the way back. It was kind of like Cracker Barrel, just a unique place. Ben went swimming with Christian and Noah at the hotel in the evening before calling it a day.

Saturday, we got our things around, ate the breakfast provided at the hotel and headed out. We went to Focus on the Family, which I had been to when I was younger with my family. I don't remember all that it entailed. It was VERY family friendly. The young infant-toddler room was very conducive for Jonah and Noah. For a long while we were the only ones in there. Then, one other boy came in and made friends with Noah...and then the little boy in the picture came in with his brother. It was so sweet how Noah makes a connection with other little kids that wear glasses. He thinks they share the same feelings, and he gets all up in there personal space with a big ol' smile and starts to go for the hug. He has the very best intentions, but I have to ease him into the idea that maybe the feeling is not mutual.

And the BIG hit for Christian was the 76 ft corkscrew slide (3 stories). I went on it once, which was enough to know the experience. I think it was more enjoyable for someone his size. Clearly, he LOVED it, as he literally went down it for an hour and a half. You put your feet inside a cloth sack to keep your shoes from catching, and open socks over your elbows to prevent them from getting banged up. Every time he got to the bottom, a huge smile...and he'd say "AGAIN?!?"

 There were other kids friendly things to check out, we got a smoothie at Whit's End, and then spend some time in the bookstore. I was very impressed with this was way more interactive and enjoyable for all of us than I had anticipated.

After this, we had packed a lunch from all the leftovers from previous meals (as we had a refrigerator in the hotel room)...and ate while we drove to Garden of the Gods. This is where we were set to meet up with the rest of the Sweigart family.

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