Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Water Fun [Colorado]

One of the highlights of where we stayed in Colorado was the swimming pool and water slide.
On Monday, we all went swimming for a bit in the morning. Then some went white water rafting in the afternoon, while the rest of us went back to the pool for as long as the weather cooperated (it was cloudy/raining..and then lightning which is when we called it quits). As long as we were in the water, it felt great! However, we did not stay in the water..do to the MANY rides down the waterslide. The second we would go down, we each (Ben, Alyssa, and I) had a kid asking to ride with us! 

Part of the next day we spent more time with the whole family at the pool as well...it was fun for sure.

Noah liked it all of about two times..then that was enough.

If only this was the video of Mom...it was SO funny. "That's not funny!" her line right after her ride down....oh, but it WAS...so, so funny.

The Birthday Girl!!! (We celebrated with pancakes in the morning, egg salad sandwiches and/or grilled cheese sandwiches at lunch complete with a cookie tower cake.)

The slide fun...
(Alyssa and Mia)

(Mitch and Maddox)

The walk...
(Tim and Jace)

(Brent and Kade...I think its pretty funny how nonchalant Kade is when Brent is a bit animated.)

(Grandpa and Ava....and with Christian)

 (Mia and Ava)

Everyone but Jonah tried it out at least once. It was a fun time!

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