Monday, July 20, 2015


We arrived at Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort mid afternoon Sunday.
It was SO pretty and serene all around.

We unpacked our things between the two cabins that were next to each other. They were nice sized cabins, one slightly larger than the other. Our family stayed in the loft portion of one, with Mitch in the bedroom, and Maddox/Ava/Kade slept in the living area. The rest of the family had bedrooms/loft area in the other cabin.

Noah didn't waste ANY time getting his new Noah's Ark puzzle from Focus on the Family out. He is a puzzle man!

We went swimming for a bit in one of the pools (fed by the hot springs...a comfortable warm bath temperature). Then Dad went to pick up pizza. Ohhh, it was good pizza, brick oven...delicious.
The kids did a lot of coloring around the coffee table throughout the several days we spent there. Before bed, Grandpa usually shared a bedtime story (those are always a hit for everyone).

Noah...such a cozy little nook of a bed on the floor next to our bed in the loft.

In the morning, these two had their deep conversation over finding "Waldo"

Jonah had many people to look after him..which is good, as he likes to explore!

 A few other pictures from around the cabins...

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