Thursday, July 16, 2015

Gather together

We spent a little extra time at Mom & Dad's house mid July...Tim and Carissa's family were here and so all the family got together a couple times.

Jonah had a couple girls that really liked to watch and play with him.
Mia & Jonah playing the instruments.

Grandpa definitely got his work out in the pool...launching the kids in the pool.
Christian is soaring in this picture, and it looks like two more kids are lining up to go next! 
Poor Grandpa doesn't get a break.

Gia and Noah..she's a good lil' mama cousin.

One evening, we had frogmore stew...
a messy, but tasty meal. And the clean up is super fast, just throw away the paper!

Noah enjoys his cousins, however, he really likes to be by himself. Too much activity, and he is off finding his own thing to do. So during a moment like this, he piled up the chalk in the tricycle and made a "river for Grandma to 'wim in"

Jonah and Kade
Kade was saying to him, "you and me are going to be buddies when you get bigger."

Aunt Carissa reading Seven Sneezes (a favorite library book)...she's a pretty animated reader!

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