Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Scenes from the Dirt Garden

The weather has been SO nice today. It feels like it could be April! 
The boys had fun playing in the "dirt garden" (its where our garden has been the last couple years..but this year we're moving to a new spot!).

So, these next pictures are Christian in his "big-brother-type A" role...Noah was CLEARLY "gru-aning" (ruining) his newly dug road. 

"Noah!!!! WHAT are you DOING??????? You are gru-aning my road!!!" (pic on left)
Christian goes on to fix the road...Noah looks, as he has no idea what he just did seeings that there is ALOT of dirt and it didn't look like it mattered where he dug. (pic on right)

Christian very sternly talking to Noah, informing/asking him not to dig there anymore.
 I think Noah's innocent reaction is so funny..he still has no idea what Christian's big problem is.

In preschool, they were talking about Kansas (as it is Kansas's birthday on the 29th)..
they made Indian head pieces and names...
meet Brave Bull.

They found some neutral ground.

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