Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Celebrate the Gredlers [Thursday & Friday]

The very anticipated adoption of Mia, Gia, and Jace has finally come!! Actually, it was final January 9..but the celebration was the 18th. These three children have been living with Carissa and Tim for just over two years, and we love having three more cousins officially added to the family.

Early Thursday morning (like 3:30 am...EARLY), we got up and around, picked up Dad and headed to the airport. Ben couldn't take off work...so the boys, Grandpa, and I headed to PA to join Grandma at Tim and Carissa's house. We had our hands full, literally, but it went really well.
The flights both went smooth, and the three little travelers handled it wonderfully!
We got in around 1 pm, greeted with a sign made and held by Jace and everything! Carissa took us out to a restaurant that they had eaten at following the adoption hearing. It was tasty.

We arrived at their home and the boys didn't waste any time getting busy playing. Christian and Jace are just 3 months apart in age.

The girls came home from school...they were quite excited to have us there as well.

Mom worked on cutting out fabric to make bunting for the adoption party, and made cinnamon rolls.

After supper, we went to Inside Scoop...and had a very special treat. 
The Volcano = 14 different flavors of icecream and 8 different toppings....a whole lotta goodness!

Everyone had reached their limit on what they could handle...
this little man was still going. (Granted he took tiny bits, and if he didn't like something he'd shake his head no..and move on to nibble at another section.) He left the store with just a onesie wrapped in a blanket due to the amount of icecream ALL over his clothes :)

Bedtime snuggles with Grandpa.

Friday morning we ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast. 
Carissa gave Noah a new look..

Mom, Carissa, and I (and Jonah) went to get a few things from Michaels...
and I picked up an antibiotic for Noah (poor guy coughed and coughed during the night..the same crud Christian has had and needed antibiotics for). Carissa picked up Mia and Gia and they went to get beta fish for the party....they are so pretty.

During the afternoon, I worked on making the bunting. 
Carissa made the gingerbread houses (they were used in decorating the cake).
Tim, Christian, Jace, and Mia worked on squeezing lemons to make lemonade for the party.

Jace, Gia, and Christian in their outfits.
They all certainly had lots of playing to do...oh how they can play!

That evening for supper we went to a place in Bethlehem. It was good food...and it was probably a blessing it was so loud in there..a certain 2 year old was not pleased by the time we got our food. We had a quick time for gifts (some for Tim's birthday coming up on the 26th, and a couple gifts to celebrate the adoption) when we got back to their house. Grandpa told a bedtime story...and off to bed they went.

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