Thursday, January 8, 2015

Conversations [the boys]

He had taken a nap, and Noah had not (a very odd day) at night time Christian wasn't tired, but went to bed at the same time Noah did all the same. Thirty minutes later, little feet are at the top of the basement stairs (we almost always spend our late evenings in the basement). So Ben, takes him to the bathroom..then he asks if he can lay next to Noah so he's not so lonely. Noah was sound asleep all the way at the side of his bed. Ben says he can, but he can't mess with him to wake him up. As Christian is climbing in to bed, he notices how Noah is laying, "Oh, well that's a nice boy...he made room just for me." He stayed laying with him for another 20 minutes or so, before again coming to the top of the stairs. He wanted Ben to lift him up to bed, so he wouldn't wake up Noah by going up the stairs.

At Christmas, we don't have Santa come to our house. We just don't. But he does go to Grandma and Grandpa's house. And we've talked about him, how he is a nice man, how there are several different Santa's that he may see during Christmas time. I think he knows he's not really "real", but he just can't quite make sense of it. His reaction to Santa (Grandpa) on Christmas was priceless. He was smiling SO big, and then when he got a remote control car (OH MY!!). He thanked and hugged Santa. And afterwards came to me and said very seriously, "I guess I WAS good. I didn't get coal after all." (Between listening to songs and story books about Santa, he figured it out that you get coal if you're not good....which he had also told me prior to Christmas on a particularly naughty day, that it would be alright if he got coal..because you can put coal in fire, and "I like fires.") Later on Christmas Day, he came up to me and said, "You know, Grandpa really is Santa." I asked why he thought that.."because his eyes. Grandpa has really blue eyes, and so did Santa. But it's okay, I know he's not really real, but he's just kinda real."

This little boy is making sense of everything lately...and is now verbalizes his information! Last night was my favorite new phrase..."I ruve you, Mama." (I love you Mama.) I've asked before if he can say "I love you" and he just gives his ornery, I'm-only-going-to-say-what-I-want-when-I-want face.

We hear, "Heeyyyy Joo-nah." about a million times every day. He LOVES his baby brother, and will get up in his face to say this. Also, "Jonah sad." "Jonah eat-ing." "Jonah seep-ing (sleeping). Hug Jonah."

He's tricked us lately at bedtime. He will act SO ready for bed, ask for his "mi-lck", get his "bank-ies" on arranged just so. And then 20 minutes later, the door to the bedroom bangs wide open, and his little pitter-patter feet come scurrying to the top of the stairs. "Hmmm? Hmmm?" He makes this kind of noise in his little ornery way, with a big ol' smile on his face. When we go take him back to bed, "Nooo." (but you just have to know how he says it..I've never heard it sound so cute or funny..and its not REALLY cute OR funny) So sometimes I'll rock him, or Ben will lay with him. He is an all out mess with his words he will start saying or fidgeting with our ears, eyes, hands ANYTHING. It is funny for the first five minutes..then its not. The other night when I was rocking him and he was SO loud, I said, "Noah, you have to be quiet. You need to whisper." In a very loud whisper he said, "whisss-per" about 5 times. So then I said, "Just rest your eyes and your mouth. No more talking." So he covered his eyes with his hands. Oh mercy. And lastly, Ben laid with him one night, and he was doing all of the classic stuff. And then he took Ben's hand, "Daddy hand. Hold hands." So they held hands. (Melt my heart.)

"Smooch." I request one from him prior to bed..and he will insist on giving Jonah one first, then me, then Ben, then Christian (if he lets him).

The other night I was looking on my phone for something. He came up to me, tried taking my phone, and said, "Put phone down. Come Mama." It worked...I followed his instructions.

Frequent phrases used by Noah:
"Oh, no. Fall dooooown"
"Dtri-shen did it" "No Dtri-shen NOOOO" "Dop-it Dtri-shen" (Christian did it. No Christian no. Stop it Christian."
"Mine" (he's mastered this..and uses it often to claim HIS stuff. It is frequently said "mines.")
"Ca-er" (color..and he's actual pretty good at coloring)
"Frosty" (He requests Frosty the Snowman to be draw on a piece of paper so he can color him, nearly everytime he gets a piece of paper. And he always gives a gitty laugh when you oblige.)
"Juice in it." (Smarty pants watches when you get him a drink. I will always fill it at least halfway with water...and then he follows it with this phrase.)
"Bam it" (When he is hammering, or banging on something. It usually sounds more like a swear word)
"Gramma's houuu-se" (requested every single time we get in the car to drive somewhere
"Mitch's houuu-se" (the other request when its obvious to him that we are not going to Grandma's house)
"Ahh Mitch" (a random phrase, I'm assuming that means "Where is Mitch?" or "hey I'm thinking about Mitch"...either way, he says it OFTEN)
"Build Legos." (both he and Christian can play with Legos for a long time)
"Nakie Time." (Prior to bath time, he and Christian run around without their clothes on yelling this with huge smiles on their face. And then Noah will pat his little bootie and say, "buns".)
"Tank-u" (Thank you. This is quite possibly the cutest phrase he is so sweet. And especially when he follows it with whom he's speaking to.)

He has discovered his voice..and his sweet little noises are just that. So sweet.

That's it in a nut shell. These boys are not quiet.
They have their moments....but I love them all.

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