Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Winter days

These days, we spend quite a bit of time indoors.
Here's a glimpse of what our days look like...

Christian loves to write notes...
he asked how to write "I love you Noah" and then needed some tape. 
He attached it to his high chair. He asked how to spell Jonah's name..and it said the same I love you Jonah, and then he taped it to his crib. I received one..Mommy with a heart by it, and it was taped to the oven :) Ben's said I love you Daddy, taped to his chair at the countertop. Sometimes, he can be quite the little sweetheart.

We've done some rearranging, and the same toys we've had for quite some time have been suddenly much more exciting.
These blocks have been Christian's new favorite thing to build with downstairs.

Noah is still very intrigued with Jonah...lots of "Heeeyyyy Jonah. Hiiiiiiiiii."
And Jonah..well, he just takes it..he's a good little baby.

A sneezing lion...
we've had bouts of respiratory junk, but nothing too terrible...hopefully it stays that way!

We've had enough snow to play in for a little anyway.
Christian has referred MANY times how he is ready for summer so he can wear shorts and short sleeved shirts. However, he sure does like to play out in the snow when he gets a chance! 

Both Christian and Noah have been coloring ALOT. It amazes me how much Christian has changed in this...last year, I had to try to convince him it would be fun to color. And Noah, enjoys "painting" (markers) the best.

I love when they have the moments when they play like this.

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