Monday, February 9, 2015

Blink (a look from ago)

I just saw this in my "drafts" that I never posted..I'm sure it was overlooked somehow. It was written 4/14/11, and Christian was 1 yr 8 months old at the time. The title of the post was "Blink"...and oh my goodness, it makes it that much more fitting now!! To think how little he was.....ahhh...I'm glad I have these memories.


I feel like Christian is growing SO many ways. Not only is he physically growing..which he appears to be doing in the height direction anyway. His facial features are becoming more grown up like a little boy..and I'm sure his almost bi-weekly haircuts make him appear more like a grown up as well.

Besides these physical things..he is creating a very wide vocabulary and way of communicating. Some of the ways he says things and the reasoning for it..are just so funny. His latest favorite "phrase" is anytime Ben isn't in the room or home he will say, "DAAA-E (Daddy), DAA-E, are you? Hi-ing (hiding) ?? " Occasionally, he will put his palms up and shrug his shoulders as if he were saying "I don't know?" Then he will repeat this, until I tell him where Daddy is. He also will go through the family really quickly at random moments.."Da-e, mama, papa" and he does throw in an unrecognizable word for himself (sorry to Grandma(s), he has said the word for grandma I think twice). He definitely knows his people if we do the "who's this" game. Identifying animals has been mastered, well maybe I should clarify how they are the sound they make of course. It's not uncommon for him to see whatever animal out of the blue on a book, or dvd, or whatever it may be..and say "BAAA" (in his mind sheep must have a very aggressive voice..and apparently cows must baa too, because no matter how many times we correct him and say "moo" he says, "no, BAA"). The other day I was in the store with him, and there was a very tiny duck on a package hidden amongst the display of curtains. All of the sudden he was saying "quak, quak...quak, quak". I finally found the duck, and that's when I officially decided his eyes are super good.

Christian's actions are more grown up, in that he is intentional. If he can't say verbally what he wants, he will tug on your pant leg and start pulling you to what he wants. His game of peek-a-boo, is like a cross between peek-a-boo and hide and seek. It gets a big smile, and lots of laughs if he's in the right mood. He recently started this routine of when I get ready for work, he will come into our bathroom (which is quite small, but it has two doors that make it so it is a loop through our bedroom, down the hall, into the dining room and back to the bathroom). If the door to our bedroom is open, he goes through, then shuts (or slams) the door shut...I then knock on the door loudly and say "hey", and he takes off squeeling with laughter through our bedroom, down the hall and back to the bathroom..and just before he gets there I get down so when he rounds the corner I "scare" him and say "hey" again. He LAUGHS, but not too long, because then he's already reaching and "uuh, uuuh"-ing at the door so I will open it to start the cycle again! I think if I let him this would seriously go on for an hour!! He can play with his tractors, trucks, bus, cars, (he says all those words pretty well) and legos for quite some time by himself. He also enjoys going through his library of books, and usually is pretty picky about what book he is in the mood to read. He'll bring it over and show you the book, I'll ask "oh, did you want to read ___" and he'll say "uh-HUH" and sit down on my lap to read it, each page usually. However, the little stinker has already tried to manipulate me. We will read him at least one book before bedtime (anytime between 8:45-10), and then pray and lay him down. Well, I was putting him to bed the other night and we were almost to the last page, so he reaches up to turn it back to about the 2nd we get to almost the end again, and he does it again..stinker.

His eating habits are not consistant. It's kind of funny. Some days, it seems like he's a little piggy..literally stuffing his mouth full. And other days, he makes a huge mess..and refuses to eat any of his "favorites" (yogurt, pizza, cheese, cereal, chicken, cottage cheese, applesauce, spaghetti, bread). I think it's probably too soon to actually say..but I find it interesting how much he uses his left hand. I guess we'll see soon enough. I know Ben's family has several people that are left handed, so who knows.

He blows kisses, doesn't give out real kisses too often..mostly he wants to give kisses to other kids. He recently started giving "hugs"..which consists more of him standing there and you hugging him and he'll say "uuuuuuh" like you do when you get a BIG hug. I love it when he has his moments of being a love bug when we play..I'll lay my head on his tummy, and he will hug my head and pat it. His sensitive side has something to be desired maybe...the other day he saw me cry for the first time (no worries, nothing too tragic!), he paused, and stared..then started laughing at me! Like an all out laughing. I guess it was the appropriate thing to do in a round about way, because it made me get over it, and start laughing almost immediately :)

Oh I could go on and on. I just had to write some of this down because it feels like daily something happens that I know I will forget. It seems like sometimes I blink, and poof he's onto doing another new thing. I know that's what they're supposed to do..but man, it sure feels like it happens fast! He may be getting all big..but he'll always be my "baby".