Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Celebrate the Gredlers [Saturday]

Saturday was a big day...

In the morning, we started off with donuts that Grandpa picked up.

After we finished getting our things packed up (as we were going to stay in a hotel tonight)..we headed to the jump house.
Three very excited passengers on the way.

There were 5 or more large inflatable jump things for the kids to jump on. Noah was definitely not big enough to go solo...but that was a fun excuse for us to accompany him on the slide and other areas. The bigger kids were way too busy going from area to area to hardly get a picture of them. Other than Gia and Christian nearly giving me a heart attack (they had gone to an area where there was a TV and no one knew they were there..aka they were lost to us, but they didn't consider themselves lost at all!), it was a very fun time.

Following the jump house, we went to eat at Pudge's. It is a hole-in-the-wall sort of diner...with AMAZING food. They are known for their Philly cheesesteaks. I got a chicken cheesesteak...SO good. It was huge! And I nearly finished it all. They had excellent waitresses too. 

We all went to the church to start getting ready for the party on Sunday. 
Mitch and I worked on getting the fish bowls ready. He flew in late Friday evening. 
Carissa worked on the cake. The kids took naps there, before we headed to the hotel to swim!

A very random picture..
Dad and I walked through the cemetery a bit at their church. There were some OLD gravestones. This lady was born in 1774..died in 1865! 

We got the hotel..swam for awhile...ate pizza with everyone (more friends and their family came)...then some swam a bit more!
A full day, with more celebrating to come!

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