Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jonah [3 months]

Jonah, you are three months old.
Time is certainly going by too fast little baby.
You are actually getting to be a big baby, 15 pounds of your sweetness.

You are such a good baby. You eat well and sleep very well (probably average about 6-7 hours at night). Over the last month, you have really appreciated your thumb, the right one in particular. It is so cute how you plop it in your mouth and then drift off to sleep. If you forget where it is, you can get rather frustrated that you can't "find" it.

You smiles are SO filled with happiness. And the occasional laughs you give are the sweetest. You enjoy being talked to, sang to, rocked, and snuggled. You have many admirers in your life, so you are in good company that enjoy providing you these things.

You can be so serious. When I get the camera out, you put on the most serious face. I have to trick you sometimes, in order to get the "real" you! You are also easily startled if you don't know someone is do NOT like this...your poor bottom lip can stick way out there, and your super sad face/cry comes out!

You celebrated your first Christmas this month!
You also welcomed 2015, and went on your first big trip (flying to PA).

You my dear have found your voice...and your "talking" is so cute (and kinda loud!). You enjoy to have conversations with the familiar faces that you know very well. It is quite entertaining. Christian especially is getting more excited about getting you to "talk" back to him and smile at him. Along with finding your voice, your cry is also more is no longer that newborn cry. You don't often belt out cries.

Your eyes can "tell stories"...they are still blue, and just very expressive. You have so many different looks...serious, happy, playful, sad, and just mellow. Your hair is still brown, although it looks lighter than it was initially. It has a hard time laying down look like a baby chick!

You really like your baths. You lay back and enjoy the water. 
My clean little bambino...I love your chubby, soft skin...its so kissable!

We are so glad you are healthy and growing Jonah.
You are LOVED so very much.
I'll keep soaking in all the snuggles you have to offer!

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