Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Celebrate the Gredlers [Monday]

Monday morning, we got our things around and packed up.
Had our last minute play times, snuggle times. Carissa and Mom made brunch for all us, Tim's parents and brother, and Mitch.

Before going to the airport we went to Bethlehem. We went to the steel factory..it looked like a scene from a movie. The steel that was made at this location was used nationwide....The Golden Gate Bridge, George Washington Bridge, The Supreme Court Building, and I think it said over 85% of the New York City buildings. I found it kind of interesting. Hard to imagine what those families that had workers that endured this kind of labor daily must have went through.

Then we went down just a block or so in town...checked out some unique shops and the oldest bookstore in the country. It was fun.

We headed to the airport...and our time in PA came to an end.
We had several fun-filled days and good times playing. So glad we could celebrate with the Gredlers...all 5 of them!!

Another two flights to home that went smooth...
and then Daddy picked us up at the airport! We were all glad to see him :)

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