Sunday, October 30, 2016

October Moments

October is a full month for our family...
with three birthdays of our own, and several others between both our families. It also has been filled with various other things that have been memorable!

Our home construction is well underway. Someday there will be a post on all that...but for now, both upstairs bathrooms are under construction (as in one completely gutted, the other very much so being renovated) and all bedroom are getting new carpet, 2 are getting new paint.
This picture is of our living the carpet was going to be installed. NOTHING is in its place.

Jonah loves to be read to..and Christian loves to read. Its a wonderful combo!

This guy...he's becoming quite the big 2 year old, complete with personality and sass!

Grandpa came to one of Christian's soccer games, with DONUTS! 
Two things these boys love...their Grandpa, and donuts! 

More reading for Jonah. 
It really is the only thing that will allow him to sit for a bit...
granted 99% of the time, he REALLY wants someone to read to him.

Christian really enjoyed playing soccer (equal parts social/enjoyment of the game). Their team ended up undefeated! (Not all members stuck around for the group photo)

The main road to our house into town is closed. They are completely redoing the bridge, which means we get to go three miles out of the way on dirt roads just to go into town. Its not maybe the most handy (at all)...but it has provided some entertainment to these three boys on the weekends when they aren't working, but the equipment just sits there. They really like to go throw rocks into the water, and just look at all the big cranes.

 They both enjoy a good color session/craft time.
Noah in particular is always down for "what project do we get to do today?" and little Mr. Copycat is not about to be left out.

We've had VERY warm temperatures this fall. I have tried to pack up summer things once, but that was quickly reversed. So hopefully fall decides to join us one of these days.

 We didn't carve pumpkins...but these two did paint some! Pay no attention to the torn apart deck (that was a summer project, that maybe got started but not touched since the demo.)

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