Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Celebrate Jonah

Jonah was dedicated at church two days before turning 2. 
I wouldn't say he behaved like a 'model' child during the dedication...but he acted like a 2 year old for sure! He had zero interest in being on that stage, and made it very difficult to hold him still. Ironically, he sat SUPER still on Uncle Brent's lap during the church service for about 20 minutes. Stinker. 
We did not linger long after church, but the few people that I did see on my way out definitely made mention to the fact that "we have our hands full" which I'm never quite sure how to take :)

After church, we went to Mom and Dad's house. Mom made a very nice meal for all of us, Brent & Alyssa's family, Ben's parents & his grandparents. 

In the evening, we celebrated Jonah's 2nd birthday at our house with the Sweigart family. 
He likes a variety of animals, so we had haystacks for supper and a cow cake for dessert!

A new tractor from Grandpa and Grandma

 On his second birthday!! Happy Birthday JoJo!!

 We ate at D'Angelos for lunch with Grandma. In the evening, Christian had soccer practice, so we had supper at the park and played. It was a beautiful evening.

Happy Birthday Jonah! You bring so much joy and energy to our lives!!

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