Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Jonah [2 years]

Jonah Timothy....you are TWO YEARS OLD!
You are certainly acting like a bigger boy every day. You're personality is different than either of your brothers, which is just fine that you have your own. You are rough and tumbly, on-the-go, yet have a very sweet and cuddly side as well (with those who you want to). You are very playful and have the MOST ornery look in your eye when you know you're being a stinker.

You are 25.6 pounds (22%) and 34" tall (47%). You wear 18-24 tops and 24 mo bottoms. We have a bunch of teeth that broke through over the past couple months, so your smile is complete with pearly whites :) Your eyes have turned to a light brownish-blue/grey color, and your hair is a very light brown. You haven't attempted to climb out of your crib as of yet, but will be transitioning to your big boy bed in Noah's room soon!

You are usually not one to sit and play with just one thing for too long. However, the things that grab your attention the most are the Duplo Legos, cars, balls, and FOR SURE books! You love to be read to...and you are very adamant about it, "Read a book. Read a book Mommy. Read a book, me? Read a book..on your 'yap'?" All said while scooting right on up to my legs and insisting I pick you up and sit you on my lap to read. Many times, you will want the same book to be read 'gain and 'gain. 

You can be very needy. And oh my goodness you are a jealous one if someone else is getting attention when you felt as though the attention was ALL yours. Little man, you better believe I love you dearly...but you are definitely not the only little boy in this house that I love :) I will give it to you, you can play it very wisely...with your sweet little eyes, and your loving little actions, nuzzling on my leg or arms. You are very well loved, and I have given in on the days that you just simply won't settle for anything else than to be held. (Don't get me wrong...I love to hold you, but I also find it increasingly difficult to hold you while getting some necessary household tasks done.)

You are sleeping better. You go to bed around 8:15, with some milk and your blue blanket (and a couple more!), and you sleep until 7:15-7:30ish. You will often wake up once because your diaper is very wet...but you'll go to sleep after you've been changed and get just a bit more milk. You'll be switching to water shortly :) And you take an afternoon nap, usually around 12:30...and it varies on length. But anywhere from 1 1/2 hrs- 3 hrs. The 3 hrs is definitely not a norm, but it has happened more than once!

You love your Daddy. You love to tackle, wrestle, and play rough with him. It is one of my favorite things to watch. You get in there with your older brothers, and you are not one to be afraid of joining the craziness! 

You climb and throw....and repeat, different locations wherever you may go. I "think" you are getting better at the throwing. At least you throw more 'throw appropriate objects'. You talk ALOT, and you will say what you are doing or planning on doing. "I crash it...I bang it....I throw it" are all used.

You have a love/hate relationship with animals. Cleo, Gpa and Gma's dog, is your "friend" some days, although you don't want her getting too close. You will tell me, "Cleo LIIIKES me!!" You have a pretty big dislike towards bugs, flies, and spiders. You will let us know, "A BUG!!! NO like it...get it Mommy, I no like it!!!!!"

You eat well overall, better than your brothers ever did. You let us know very clearly if you do not care for something. Depending on your mood, you will either throw it on the floor OR make a terrible face, spit it out and say "no like it".  Some of your favorite foods; yogurt, macaroni and cheese, pizza, meatballs, cuties, apples, chicken bites (especially dipped in ketchup!). You don't care for the "mashed" texture..ie. potatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas. And although you don't really need almond milk as far as an allergy, you refuse to drink cow's milk plain...so we have continued with the almond milk at least for now.  Oh, and you think you have some kind of entitlement when it comes to getting juice to drink. I water it down pretttty heavily when you get it, and if you see that, you get quite upset. I'm telling you, you get down right feisty about it. And as the picture above shows, you may sweet talk me into sharing oatmeal cookies with you in the morning....and of course you HAVE to have them dunked in my coffee. "I yike co-feee Mommy. Co-feee hot.....no just warm."

You started talking more and more in the last few weeks. And I would say you talk in short sentences fairly well. I can understand 99% of what you say, I'm sure other people aren't quite sure always. You count, not always in the correct order, but at least a couple of times you have counted from 1-10. You enjoy to be sung to, but not quite as much as the other boys did. Your favorite two songs are "Twinkle Star" (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) and "Jesus" (Jesus Loves Me). You won't sing the whole song at one time, but you will randomly sing parts of either one of those. If I start singing one, you will sometimes stop me and say, "No Twinkle, you Jesus, ME Twinkle!" 
One of your favorite phrases you say is, "I-don-n-know" (I don't know)...and its said so casual, southern, and its not even true half the time. 
You love your family...Daddy, me, "Ristian" and Noah. You also are a BIG fan of "Gwran-pa and Gwran-ma", Brent (you talk about him OFTEN!!), "Uncle Mitch", and "Ana" (Eliana). The other family members are also mentioned, but these ones are certainly talked about ALOT! Brent and Uncle Mitch get blamed from you for alot of funny things. I will ask, "who did ____??? or did you ____??" (possibly referring to a mess or a dirty diaper) and you will say without hesitation, "Brent did it." I will say..."Oh Brent did this??" And then you'll say, "Uncle Mitch did it." And I'll say, "Oh Uncle Mitch did it??" and you'll look me square in the eye, and say, "uh-huh!!" Other times, you will very playfully go back and forth between the two..and you know its a game!

Jonah, we love you. 
You let your voice be heard and if that doesn't work...you let your actions be known. 
But we love you dearly all the same.
I hope and pray you continue bring so much joy and laughter to our lives. You will soon no longer be "the baby" of the family...but don't worry, we will still hold you, love on you, and snuggle you!!!

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