Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Noah! #4

The day arrived!! This particular birthday has been talked about for MONTHS!
We started with special birthday pancakes for breakfast.

It was a nice day...
and a great day to write your name all by yourself for the first time!

Just for fun, we went to the Exploration Place. There were only a couple people we had lots of playing area to ourselves! Definitely an added bonus for Noah.

For dessert on your actual birthday, we had brownies...and Noah's was cut out in the shape of a whale!! He opened a couple presents..and life as a four-year old looked PRETTY good!!

We had a joint birthday celebration (for Daddy, Jonah, and Noah) with the Hershberger side on 10/23.
The Sweigart side came over on the 10/30 for Noah's 4th Birthday party. To say he was looking forward to this would be putting it VERY mild...he was SOO excited. We had spaghetti (a fan favorite), applesauce, jello salad, lettuce salad, and garlic/cheese bread. And that wetness you see in his sweat..he ran around like crazy person when his party guests arrived!!!

There had been an ongoing discussion over the past couple months regarding what he wanted for his "birthday cake" and oh my mercy sakes, it changed too many times to count. He doesn't even really like cake...frosting, yes...cake, not really. But he DOES love cookies. So we settled on a cookie fort.

The next day, Halloween, Christian didn't have school...and all three boys had a blast playing with all the goodies from Noah's birthday!

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