Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Noah [4 years]

Noah...four years old.
You are kind of a pipsqueak of a four year old (31.4 pounds [16%] and 38.5 in tall [21%]). You and Jonah can share many of the same clothes (especially if Daddy is dressing you!). But your size plays no factor in how advanced your mind works. My goodness, you blow us away with how you process through problems, scenerios, how to build something, or even how you verbalize your reasoning for your emotions.

You are shy as a rule. This is definitely true in new environments, play areas that have other children playing at them, or in most public settings. You are well aware of this, and if you are excited about going to a new place, but can't help but feel a little uneasy, you will say outloud to us, "I'm not gonna be shy!? I'm not gooonnnna be shyyy?!" (Its said more in a question like way rather than a statement). You would much rather play off by yourself than be put in a position with new people/things.
This is not to be confused with being QUIET while at home. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have to say, "NOAH! Turn your volume down!!" But at the same time, I honestly think you have a hard time known how to speak is a very soft voice or whisper. You will tell me, "I just don't know how to DO that!"

You love to do projects; coloring, painting, crafting of many forms...you love it. You will say, "What can we do new today?" or "What can I do that I've never done before?" Cue: let's do a project! Your latest interests are scissor activities and various activity books. But you also love puzzles (you do these often!), reading books/magazines, and playing with magnets/legos. You are a good 'player'...you can play for a long time if you are left uninterrupted..and you enjoy that. If you're really in the zone, and a certain 2 year old brother comes along to intentionally get a rise out of you by wrecking something...you are NOT happy! It usually results in lots of noise, some pushing, some growling, maybe some tackling, and definitely a "NO NO BUDDY!" 99% of the time, you refer to Jonah as "Buddy". You love your brothers dearly...dearly! And this newest growing brother, you are already showing your love to by hugs, kisses, and many sweet conversations.

You are a lovable, snuggly kind of boy. I still hold you often (both because of your size and personality..you like it!). You are especially snuggly in the morning when you wake up. Out of the three boys, you are the one who likes to sleep in..and not wake up going 100 mph. You'll bring your blanket out with you, and just curl into a ball. You don't even mind that Jonah is truly the opposite in the morning, and he shares a room with you. 
On the flip side of this..you are tough. I can know if you are crying because of being hurt, it is legit. You can tumble and take some doozy of falls...but usually get right back up. You will make your nervous giggle to help get yourself back to normal.

The most frustrating thing you do involves meal time and/or things that you have a very strong opinion in. This is hardly worth writing down for memory sake, but I have a really high hope that this is a phase that will end...and we can look back and say, "ahhh, yes that did happen.".
You are incredibly picky when it comes to meals. And seeings that you far from having alot of reserves, it makes it difficult to really "make" you eat things. Oh we try, and we try hard to be creative. But when it comes down to it, if you are not interested at all...you are incredibly stubborn and will refuse to eat anything. The whole concept of "going to bed hungry" would really happen, and I just can't do it. 
Some of your favorite foods are..that you will give a hearty "OH I LOVE THAT!!" :
my meatballs (currently #1), spaghetti, pizza, macaroni and cheese, meat sandwiches, lasagna (as long as there is no chunks of tomatoes or the like), haystacks (consisting of rice, hamburger, shredded cheese and applesauce), cereal (Honey Nut Cheerios, Frosted MiniWheats, or Life), apples, cuties, cheese, my baked oatmeal, and cookies....most any cookie!
The strong opinion part of this equation, not only can be referenced to food...but to whether we leave a house that you find to be quite fun ie...Gma/Gpa's house or Camila's house (the woman that has a 9 month old that watches you when I work sometimes). You can throw some nasty fussy fits.

You have a charming little way about you. The way you talk first of all, can just be hilarious and sweet all wrapped in one. I can't even begin to write down the conversations..because they are long, and I would be so busy trying to write it down I wouldn't be enjoying them! 90% of the funny part is in how you say what your saying.
 If you are wanting something that is considered a treat ie; a cookie/sweets, iPad, a show...you have been known to VERY sweetly ask me, and if that doesn't quite get you the response, you ask REALLY close to my face in the sweetest little voice, SO close to my face you are actually kissing me as you talk. It may or may not work some of the time, but nearly every time it gets me to laugh!
You are also ornery. You know when you're being a stinker, and you'll start mouthing words...and then say outloud, "I'm not gonna tell you what I just said." But if you are under the impression that you are going to be "gotten" (aka..tickled or chased), you go into a very giggly mood and it very hard not to laugh at. Your Uncle Brent can possibly get you to laugh the HARDEST of all! 

Noah:   "I just don't want to talk. I want to just look bossy."
      me: "Oh really? How does that look?"
Noah:   "Like this." ...lips put together trying not to smile, head lowered, eyes straight ahead.
             "I'm all done now."

You have a GREAT appreciation for sea animals. As in, every night at supper your prayer includes a LENGTHY gratitude for a variety of sea animals. "Dear God, thank you for this food. And thank you for the dolphins. And thank you for the whales. And thank you for the octopuses. And thank you for the squids. And thank you for the whales. And thank you for the eels. (and you may throw in other specific kinds of whales!)"


"Hampotrine" = trampoline
"Hetchup" = ketchup
"Hersh-ga-berger"= Hershberger

Color: Red
Drink: Chocolate Milk
Bible story: Jonah and the Whale
TV show: Paw Patrol or Shaun the Sheep
Blanket: your "scratchy" one (its the very well worn in white one, that has been washed so many times, it is no longer fluffy and super soft as it once was...but it is far from actually being "scratchy")
Toy: Brutus (your crane)

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