Sunday, October 2, 2016

Happy Birthday Ben!

Happy Birthday Ben!!
We had pancakes, bacon and eggs for breakfast. Opened a few gifts. Christian's soccer game at 11:00. Came home, and then went to Ben's cousin's wedding reception in Harper (with a pit stop at a Barn Sale along the way...literally only bought food for everyone!). 

We celebrated with family the night after, at Mom and Dad's house...since our house is a bit under construction.  (Both upstairs bathrooms are being completely redone and we are awaiting carpet installation...which has kept our bed in the middle of the basement living room..all in which is not ideal for company!)

He requested beef and chicken enchiladas (mom made the chicken ones) with fresh homemade salsa. 
And cherry cheesecake and/or lemon bars for dessert :)

Happy Birthday Ben....we all love you very much!

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