Monday, October 24, 2016

Fall Family Photos

I had planned on getting there pictures done at JCP, as I have done in the past...but that was a miserable fail, from the photographer to the boys not cooperating. I was not satisfied with that..especially since they were all looking so nice. That evening when Ben came home (Christian had the day off school), we took some of our own in our backyard. I think I max out Ben's ability to be completely ridiculous (for Jonah and Christian's sake mainly) when I ask him for his help with taking pictures. It works 99% of the time. 

Christian was riding the struggle bus...mercy he was a challenge.

Their reward...tackle Daddy on the trampoline. 

 A week or so later, I wanted to get our family pictures taken so I would have something for a Christmas card. It's always questionable as to how great they are..but I think everyone can at least make out who we are even if they aren't the clearest pictures.

 This is us. The Hershberger 5....and a half. 

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