Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tis the Season

There has been just a variety of things going on this month, and I haven't done such a wonderful job of staying on top of writing things down. Jonah and Noah both are just changing so much everyday! Jonah is learning new words every week and DAILY gets better at getting into things.
Noah is just becoming a running commentary for EVERYTHING. He makes sense of things I would totally not think he would notice. And he's SUCH a goof ball. I can't possibly remember all the funny things he says, which makes me sad, but while I'm in the moment of hearing it....he sure does make me laugh!

So here's a look at the randomness in December so far...

Jonah was put in the Santa boot at Uncle Mitch's house. We went over there for soup...and oooohhhhh he made good soup (Chicken Wild Rice and an Italian Sausage something)! It was a soup day as it was very icy, church had been cancelled that morning due to the ice.

I came home from work, to several caution signs taped to the floor...written by Christian.
He loves to clean, and he had scrubbed the floors.

Signs read (well, I'm sure its obvious...but just in case):
"Everyone, Christian has made a slippery floor"
"People, Christian made the floors wet"

Oh, this made my night! I just love his genuineness, willingness to help clean, and his desire to read/write. You can literally see him learning as he does it.

Daddy helped Christian build his own stable/manger out of popsicle sticks and hot glue.

Prior to going in the jogging stroller, this two just took a leisurely stroll...holding mitten hands.

This poor fella had a virus, that was passed around among the three boys of varying levels. It took some time, but my goodness, the poor little guy just seems so little and needy when he is sick. I don't mind the extra snuggles.

Again, the struggle bus came and Jonah had climbed into this drawer and then had a HUGE problem when he couldn't get out. He did this more than once. This was following my attempts to keep him away from me loading the dishwasher. He is FAST and sneaky...I have to be a lot more agile than one would typically think necessary for the 'simple' task of loading dishes.

There were several really warm days, that we could be outside to play.
Now that Jonah is bigger, he just thinks he is pretty great in getting around ALL over outside too. He takes off down the driveway to the road, midway he'll turn around to check if we're watching and then resumes at the fastest pace he can manage.

 Group effort chalk "Frosty"

Noah had his routine eye appt. He will be getting new glasses since his prescription changed. While we were trying on glasses, we tried out these sweet shades. Oh man, they were SO cute.

Jonah and Christian playing on the floor in front of the tree. Christian is one of Jonah's favorite people. And he soaks up any playful moments Christian has to offer. I love it when Jonah walks up to him and says, "tik-a-tik-a-tika" (tickle-tickle)...and then takes his chubby little hands and opens and shuts them on his hair.

Our own concert pianist...Noah.
This is the night he wanted to try on his fancy Christmas clothes...and then he wanted to play the piano. He is just quite the guy.

Christmas is in the air.
Decorations are up, cookies have been made, advent calendars have been opening, Bible stories have been being told, and presents are bought (but need to be wrapped!)

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