Sunday, December 27, 2015

Gpa and Gma H Christmas

Ben's parents and brother came to our house to celebrate Christmas on Saturday afternoon. We had supper, then opened presents...then played with presents. After the boys were in bed, the rest of us played "Nickels" (which we just learned from Mom). We had a very good time.

Jonah checking out Daddy's new gloves

Noah got a new sleeping bag.

Jonah was much more friendly than in the past times they have visited.

Christian flying his new helicopter....he was very excited to get one that works again!

Grandpa H and Noah working on his 100 piece Toy Story puzzle he got.

Sam and Christian figuring out different knots. We had given a book of knots, that came with a rope to Sam. They were equally interested in this!

They all spent the night. The idea was that we would go down to Harper for the Hershberger gathering mid-Sunday. The weather didn't look so promising with snow/ they cancelled that celebration. We had breakfast and played all morning...while staying in our warm, cozy home.

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