Thursday, December 31, 2015

News Years Eve

We had a wild and crazy time at the Sweigart house on New Years Eve..
maybe not anymore than the usual. It was a good time all the same.

We had pizza and sloppy joe's for supper. The kids decorated gingerbread houses, lit sparklers with Grandpa, and played a very interactive game.

Mia and Christian working on their house
There was NOT a shortage of sweets going on...Noah tried his hardest to put a dent in the candy supply, but he kept coming up with more opportunities.

The game was one in which the kids had to find someone to complete the given task (there were 12 boxes I think). There was a variety of things, some involved singing, some physical (I think Grandpa did his fair share of burpees), some were finding someone with a birthday in a specific month, some listing off Christmas trivia questions (the names of all the reindeer, the 12 days of Christmas, the gifts the wisemen bought, how many pa-rum-pa-pum-pum's there are in The Little Drummer Boy). In one way or another, I think everyone but Eliana was involved. It was entertaining...lots and lots of laughter and noise!!

"Papa" and "Baby" are competing for the most often said words by Jonah.
Both people are very loved by him :)

We ended the fun filled evening with a game..Quelf. It is a very random, silly yet entertaining game.
For Carissa, anytime she made eye contact with someone she had to say, "I have you now." And then,  I don't even know what she had to do for the turn that I have this picture of...but its just too classy, so I needed it on here.

Almost all (with the exception of Jonah and Eliana, maybe?) welcomed in the New Year awake!
Our Christmas family times have officially come to an end...
Happy 2016!!!

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