Monday, December 21, 2015

Bringing the Gredlers to KS

First of all, there was a very special event that took place on October 23. Eliana Joy was born to Tim and Carissa...and I am so happy about that! I got to go out to VA and see her now for the first time...and bring her and her siblings...and her mama back to Kansas for Christmas! (Tim flew out a little bit later due to work...and he'll drive back with them.)

I flew out on Thursday. On Friday, we ate breakfast at The Little Grill (yum!) and in the afternoon we watched the Christmas program at the bigger kids school. Wow, they really do alot of entertaining (both students and teachers!). That evening, Darren joined us for supper and I got to hold Eliana in between times as much as possible. She is such a good baby!!

Saturday morning, we left bright and early to head to Kansas. Carissa has obviously traveled with children, she has a system..and it works. Those kids did so well! As in unbelievable..I think I'm still in shock that Eliana didn't cry a ONCE that was outside of being hungry that we stopped and then was fine for another 3 hours. The older kids were all SOOOOO excited that they were getting to go to Kansas.

Crazy coincidence...Brent and Alyssa's family were traveling to PA for her family Christmas the same day we were driving to KS. We had called about 10 minutes prior to this picture...and realized we were that close to each other. A pit stop at this parking lot next to the interstate...and we got to see each other! It was Maddox's 12th Birthday :)

We ended up driving straight through...per everyone's request! We got home around 1:45 am on  Sunday, and were ready for some sleep. 
I was glad I got to go!!

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