Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sweigart Christmas

Tuesday (Dec 29), we were all gathered together to start the Sweigart Christmas festivities. 
Brent & Alyssa had made it back from PA, and all 19 of us were at Mom and Dad's.
We had our appetizer meal...which always includes QUITE a spread of various appetizers.

Jonah and Uncle Tim laughing at Uncle Mitch

After eating, we opened up stockings.
Noah was a fan of his new minion stocking hat.

We all got PJ's (except the BIG boys)...
poor Maddox had his hands full!

We played games, ate snacks, and I think Ben, Brent, and Mitch attempted to stay up and watch a movie. I'm certain Mitch and Brent were sleeping within minutes.

The next morning, we had breakfast mid morning...and then started our Christmas gift opening.
We sang songs, and Maddox read the story from the Bible...and then the upstairs gifts were opened.
We moved downstairs to open the gifts from Mom and Dad...oh, there were some very happy faces!

Mom had made some blankets...and chose a very fitting theme for each. 

Noah wasn't in the picture with the rest..but he had received one as well, with Noah's ark on the one side.

We ate a very good Christmas meal...very good. Mom treats us well :)
The kids had naps, we played games.
We had our own live play of the Christmas story again, the Baby Jesus stayed sleeping so peacefully.
My favorite outfit this year, would either be Noah as a donkey or that very fitted robe that one wiseman (Ben) is wearing. I should've probably inserted the picture of him putting it on!

That walker in the background in the above picture, was used in another play that the kids (and Carissa, Mom and Dad) acted out. It was very good!

 Somebody (Dad) had a great idea to make a pyramid....
we did it! But I would kind of doubt he would suggest it again :)

 We are blessed to be apart of this family.

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