Thursday, December 24, 2015

Our Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Hershberger boys!

We celebrated our Christmas on Christmas Eve day. 
We had haystacks for lunch (that seems to be a family favorite for all of us to enjoy). Ben read Humphrey's First Christmas (the Christmas story told in the eyes of the camel Humphrey), and then we opened presents.

Jonah did not care about the "opening" part of the presents. If there was something small he could rip apart that was fine, otherwise he wanted them opened for him. Primarily, he was interested in getting into things (nativity characters are scattered throughout the they are at Grandma's house!).

 Christian opened a minion stocking hat and new lunch box from Noah.

We gave Noah a carnival set of Magnaformers.

A family gift was this super large and SUPER soft blanket.

 And the very last present was for Christian....a very large box of Legos. There were an assortment of things in there, but ALOT nonetheless. A woman at work had said her son doesn't play with them anymore, and I was quite excited about that!! Christian and Noah were pretty excited...well, I think Daddy said he was equally as excited to get to play with all of them. The rest of the afternoon, they were busy busy busy, constructing all kinds of things!

Grateful for Jesus, the greatest gift of all. 
Because of Him, we get to celebrate...and that is just awesome.

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