Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Programs [2015]

 We had several Christmas programs this year.
Christian had his first school program, which was in the high school gym. 
It is quite the event, involving many people in the community, etc...but it was fun to see our little man excited about being in it.

 [Kindergarten Christmas Program]

Noah really wanted to get dressed up too (this was several days prior to the program when I was having Christian try on some clothes). You wouldn't know it by his enthusiastic pose here, but this really was his idea!

Christian [MB church Christmas program]
Sunday morning (Dec 13) the MB church had their program. Christian has been going to the Wednesday night children's church this year. They sang many Christmas songs and did very well!

After church, we ate at Water's Edge with Ben's family (parents and grandparents). Santa was sitting outside the restaurant, and Christian didn't waste any time hopping on his lap. He told him what he wanted, "a remote control car or helicopter" and then proceeded to tell him what he thought both of his brothers would want. "Noah would like a truck, and Jonah is just a baby so maybe a teddy bear or something." It was so funny, as he looked like he knows he's not real, but he was just going to go ahead and cover all his bases anyway. Noah and Jonah had the opposite feeling, they wanted to stand at a reasonable distance from Santa.

I was quite proud to claim all these handsome boys as mine!
Bow ties for the win.

Sunday evening, Whitestone had their primary Sunday School Christmas program. Both Christian and Noah were apart of it. It was simple, yet entertaining all the same! Watching the 2-3 yr olds is always so funny.

We've had alot of singing going on at our house, they love to be involved!

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