Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween [2014]

Christian got to dress up in his outfit for preschool.
He is Turbo.
(If you are unsure who Turbo is...he's a cartoon racing snail in the movie "Turbo")

And little cowboy.

It was too chilly for him to be unwrapped outside, little pumpkin.

We went to the Villa late afternoon. I think we were about an hour late...last year we went a bit earlier before they were all eating, and we could see more of the residents. Either way, it was good (and we ran into our friends the Hofstetters in the parking lot). We also stopped at Paul and Brenda's before coming back home for supper.

We came home to eat supper. Then, we went to a couple neighbors houses and drove into Uncle Mitch's house.

We finished the evening at Grandpa and Grandma's...the best of all...they feed the adults too!
Mitch, and Brent & Alyssa and kids all came over too. 

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