Thursday, October 9, 2014

My boys

Just some random pictures of the boys....

We checked out the little park in back of the college church the other day...
Noah is a little to little for it, but he enjoyed the cookies I brought along anyway!

Christian was trying to 'convince' Noah that he should go through the sprinkler. When I asked what he was telling him, he had a very suspicious face and said, "ohhh nothing...I'm just kiddin'."

Christian took this picture of Noah and I.

Crazy boys and their silly hats!

Christian has been requesting Olive Garden for awhile now. 
Sitting across from them and watching them was crazy how much they were looking like each other!

 These two..they keep the days full of activity...and my heart full of love.
Kind of hard to think of what one more boy will bring to this family!

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