Sunday, November 2, 2014

Noah Birthday Party!

Noah turned two! 
We delayed his birthday was hard to know when Jonah was going to arrive. So we celebrated a week after his birthday with both sides of the family.

We had a fire truck cake and icecream/sherbet, and some kind of chex mix/candy combo snack.
Noah's not a big fan of cake...just the frosting. He's also not a fan of icecream, but he will eat sherbet. Now candy...oh he LOVES himself some candy!

The highlight of the definitely the candles.

Watching him open his presents

Paul showing him how his new bath toy works

Great Grandpa John helping him with his new present

And Jonah got to meet Great Grandpa and Grandma Hershberger for the first time!

 Happy Birthday Noah! 
You are so lively...and we hope two does well for you!

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