Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our first week [Jonah]

We got home from the hospital Sunday afternoon. Mom and Dad brought Christian and Noah home. Noah was still just as excited to hold and hug and kiss the baby.

When it was just us..Christian was much more willing to hold Jonah.
He wasn't feeling quite right, and hadn't been for several days. Since he developed a thick sounding cough, I decided to take him in to the Dr when I took Jonah in on Tuesday. It turns out Christian has pneumonia, and needed to stay away from Jonah for several days while the antibiotics were working. Not the news I was going for AT ALL. It was a bummer day. I knew he would be fine, and I am VERY grateful that Mom and Dad live so close and are able to watch him..but it was still a bummer. By the end of the week, he was back at home and feeling better.

Noah can't help himself. He HAS to stop and look in on Jonah, then lean over and give him a kiss. It is so sweet how he genuinely LOVES him.

 Uncle Mitch was out of state for work when Jonah was born. 
He came to meet the little guy.

I can't help but take lots of pictures...especially when his eyes are open.

His first bath.
My little "helper" was right at my side to make sure it went alright. 
Jonah didn't cry at all, until I took him out!

He eats about every 2-3 hours around the clock. I don't keep track of how many hours of sleep I get at night, because I don't really find the reason to know how "little" I get. He does not cry unless he is hungry. And if he's wide awake in the night, I have a hard time getting frustrated, because his beautiful little eyes just look right at me...and I can't help but think how pretty he is :)
I'm still experimenting with what he likes best to sleep at night. Swaddling blanket? Sleep sack? Tightly wrapped? He doesn't seem to like his arm pinned some form of combination of these, just not too snug. And although we've offered him a pacifier, he does not seem in the least bit interest to use that at this point. Every now and then, it looks like he will try to suck his thumb...I can't tell if it is a fluke, or if he actually means to do it.

Lying in the pack n' play by our bed.

With Christian being at Grandpa and Grandma's, it didn't really feel like a normal "adjusting" time. Ben did go back to school Wednesday-Friday..and then will take off next week to make it a full week off, due to 2 days of no school already scheduled.

Noah will wake up in the morning and check on baby "Jo-nah". He gets very concerned if he doesn't see him in this little bouncy chair. He puts his hands up and says, "oh no! gone?!" And then I go show him where he is sleeping. He promptly starts to reach and touch, and is definitely NOT quiet in his ways. None of it seems to bother Jonah so far. 
He gives him oodles of kisses...and reads to him from time to time, which just about melts my heart.

The weather is crazy warm for being the end of October.
We're talking upper 80's kind of warm.
We've made it outside several times.

 Great Grandpa John rode his bike out to meet Jonah...he rode for 35 miles before stopping in.


You are such a blessing to us, Jonah Timothy!
I'm hoping the next weeks aren't quite as bizarre as this one. You sure are a good baby so far...and we all love you so much!

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the brokaws said...

this is the cutest. glad to see these photos, but really wish i could hold him. so sweet.