Thursday, October 30, 2014

Botanica and Dad

While Ben had off from school..we wanted to do one "fun" thing all together. 
So we went to Botanica. I think as far as pretty flowers and nature goes, we were a couple weeks late. But the weather was perfect, so they had fun running around and playing...which was the point.

Afterwards, we went to see Dad in the hospital. He had back surgery this morning, so we stopped in to see how he was doing. Having just visited a hospital (when Jonah was born), Christian was really trying to piece everything together. He said, "it is kinda a better reason to go to the hospital when a baby is born." He was concerned for Grandpa and that he was hurting.

And the picture Christian drew when we got home for Grandpa to get better...
"its Grandpa." 
(I think its cute...and I especially find the exact 7 hairs on his head to be quite funny.)

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