Sunday, March 3, 2013

Silly & Sweet

Noah wore these shoes to church today....Christian saw them and immediately stated, "those are FAST shoes, I want to wear them!" He really didn't understand why that wasn't an option...but he sure tried his best to claim his argument that they would fit.

Instead, he settled on wearing his back pack around the house for awhile.

Noah and his sleeping eyes...sweet little sleepy head.

Those big deep blue eyes...get me every time.

He loves to watch his big brother....

 ...and get kisses.

And these two pictures reminded me of what Christian said to me the other day.
I was talking for Noah...and him and Christian were talking back and forth for a few minutes. Christian can really get into it, and corrects me if I try saying something (instead of talking for Noah). 

It makes me wonder how much talking and noise will go on around here in a couple years!

 15 minutes after 'they' were done with their chat, Christian came up to me and said, 
"Hey Mommy. Do you do what that was called?" 
"What, what was called?"
"What Noah and I were doing. It is called a conversation (very emphatically)."
"Well, yes it was."

They make me laugh!

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