Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Our Iowa adventure

Ben has Spring Break this I thought we should make a trip to Iowa to see the Brokaws.
We left after Ben got off work on Friday, around 4:30...started off with the tire light on. 
Pumped up the tire...made it about an hour down the road, and we had to make a stop at the side of the road for Christian to go to the bathroom...then we stopped in another 20 minutes or so to get what was supposed to be a quick drive thru food...which was not maybe as quick as it would've been if the restaurant was closer to the interstate. Ahh, but alas we were on our way, and made it without too much drama. Noah traveled a little better than Christian I think! Christian kept saying, "this is taking for long....are we almost to Luke and Tessa's." I told him it would be very dark before we would get there. 
We left a sunny 80 degree KS and arrived at 2 am to snow on the ground in IA.

(warning: the next part involves was part of our trip...and that's just how it went)

Saturday morning....Christian didn't think he wanted breakfast, but we had him try a couple bites. Next thing, he's throwing up. He's never thrown up...never. Lovely. He didn't act sick at ALL, so we carried on. 
The kids played on the new bunk beds they just got.

Tessa held and loved on Noah...she will be a GREAT big sister to her baby brother this summer. She was so funny, very involved with his activities :)

My attempt at a photo of all the kids.

Lunch did not settle again for Christian. Poor buddy. Just out of no where, he was confused. So was I...he didn't have a fever, and definitely didn't act like he didn't feel well. So after Justin came home from work, Ranee and I left the kids with the dads and we went to the outlet mall. It is a must to go to the outlet mall when I come...because it is bound to hold good deals for us...and the tradition lives on.

We picked up pizza for supper..and 7 up for Christian. Later, when Justin was reading to the kids, Christian sat up and said, "I'm REALLY thirsty!" Just as soon as I got up to get him a drink...all the 7 up he had for supper came up. Ooooh my. I felt terrible..for him, as he was saying, "I promise I won't do that again. I'm sorry. I don't like this. I promise it won't happen again." and obviously terrible for creating a big ol' mess. Not exactly ideal for a relaxing bedtime routine...but the kids were all sleeping soundly..and we were able to eat popcorn and visit!

Sunday...we were off to a better start. We had breakfast, and then off to church.....oh, but wait. That tire light, yeah, well....the tire went ahead and went completely flat. SO, we all piled in the Brokaws van and went to church. Both boys fell asleep during church (that never happens!). And then went to Julie and Kyle's (my cousin) for lunch. A really tasty lunch nonetheless. I really wish I would've brought my camera over there. Molly their two year old was cracking me up...quite the spunky little personality she has!

An attempt at a family photo when we got back to the house. Not too bad, considering.

No one took naps...they played instead.

Later that evening, we got to go over to Ranee's parents to see some brand new calves born. They were just a couple hours old....and oh, they were cute! Christian liked them, "Oooh, they are so cuuute. Ooooh, look at them." He even got to pet one. And we watched on eat for the first time. Different than my work...but its still amazing how nature works all the same! Then it was definitely bed time...and the four of us were able to stay up and talk.

Our Monday morning....

Still not 100%...but no more sickness. Thank goodness.

We went to Kalona...picked up some YUMMY rolls and donuts on the way to Justin's parents shop. We spent a little time there, and ate our breakfast. Then, we stopped at the country store (I just like looking around in these places) and the cheese curd factory yummy). Christian was especially impressed with the cheese "robots" that made the cheese curds.

We were just around the house the rest of the day Monday, it was snowing and cold, so playing outdoors wasn't really an option. We got a local guy to fix our tire before supper. And played some more in the evening. Luke has LOTS of was fun for both these boys I think!
And we had our last evening of visiting and "pinteresting" together. When you can't load up and do crafts, you resort to looking at pinterest together...a new kind of "craft" time. 

Tuesday morning we had time to snuggle and read a book...and then back to KS...taking our germs and all :)

Note the flip flops on Christian's feet AND hands! He was able to bring the ones on his feet back home with him (and they are now hidden because he wanted to wear them EVERYWHERE). 

Thank you for letting us visit...
we had a memorable time!!
Thanks for your GRACIOUSNESS and going with the flow :)
Thanks for feeding us WONDERFUL food!
And thanks for being such a great FRIEND!

On a side note: We made it home without any problems....however, I think the vote is unanimous...that prior to the next trip we will be using a bigger vehicle. Our car is not meant to be a jungle gym for this mama to go from the front to back seat in between two car seats NUMEROUS times!

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