Sunday, March 24, 2013

A belated Christmas

We had a belated Christmas gathering with the Kilmer's (family friends of Ben's family). It was like an Easter Christmas...or something. Anyways. I was assigned "dessert", and jokingly Leanne told me something chocolate and decadent. Well, in the cookbook my dear friend Ranee just gave me on our visit to Iowa...came this recipe. looked lovely. (And it tasted lovely too...and I don't even really like chocolate that much.)

We ate at Leanne's work place...a child resource center.
It was kid friendly, with a variety of toys...and space to run around.
I didn't get very many pictures, because Noah wasn't the happiest camper, and I was holding him much of the time.

Grandpa H. with Noah.
The light table was so neat,..especially with the clear legos. This was the first time we met Dylan...such a cute little guy.

 This was the best I could get of the boys. 
Ben, Noah, Phil, Dylan, Nate, Sam, and Christian crawling away.

It was nice to be able to get, and celebrate our Christmas, regardless of the time of year!
I guess I should add...there was more snow on the ground today than there was on December 25...and it was still coming down! So maybe we weren't so far off after all :)

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