Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cozy Lil' Puppy

Usually after Christian's shower he comes running to me (whether I'm feeding Noah or doing dishes) and drops his towel to snuggle up on my lap. 

This night, I had called him a "cozy lil' puppy" and he stayed sitting on Daddy's lap for a LONG time...it was probably 20 minutes. 

This was the face after I tried barking like a dog.

Otherwise, it was the cozy lil' puppy, all curled up on Daddy's lap.

And when Daddy got tired of sitting upright, he laid down on Christian's bed...and the puppy didn't mind. 

I was a bit concerned he was sick actually...he was so mellow, and so QUIET. 
But I think both of them enjoyed the change.
I love my cozy lil' puppy.

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