Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter projects

Over the course of the last several weeks...Christian and I have done a few "projects" for Easter.

First we made an Easter basket.
He shredded a big ol' pile of tissue paper. That alone was a good time for sure.

Then used flour/water paste before and after each layer of tissue paper pieces. 

Then waited a really long time for it to we could pop the balloon, and spruce it up to make it into a basket.

We have done a LOT of easter egg hunts in the house with this basket.

Then we made some special easter eggs. I drew them.....then he used pieces of tape to cover parts of them. "He can handle it." He likes tape.

Then we colored over all the eggs and tape.

Took off the tape...then used watercolors to paint overtop.

They look kinda neat hung up as garland.

Then one day, he wanted to do several things...
alot of cutting.

He made a bunny ear headband

A flower.

And a chick that he painted...using little pom poms for hair. (that was equally as fun for him as the getting his hands covered in paint part!)

We dyed Easter eggs...he didn't really get into that much. 
And then we made a Rice Krispie easter eggs with little candies inside.

with sprinkles on the outside.

(He helped mostly by eating the marshmallows that went into the them!)

Ready for EASTER!

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