Thursday, February 28, 2013

**snow days**

This was last Tuesday morning. This is the car I drove to work Monday night, and returned at 4 in the morning. 
While I was on my way to work around thought was...well, I had lots of thoughts.

1. I don't enjoy this much snow while driving
2. I REALLY don't enjoy the semi trucks who for some reason feel as though the road is wide enough for the both of us when there is only one lane open on the interstate and everyone else is going 30 mph.
3. I really don't want to go in the ditch.
4. I really can't see the road that well.
5. I hope the snow plow goes so I can get home.
6. I hope I can at least make it to the Hesston exit...or better yet our road, and I could even run home.
.....ahhh, but here I made it!! In one piece...and I even made it to the driveway before I got stuck! 
Perhaps, someone with a truck or 4 x 4 vehicle that lives a bit closer to Wichita is better suited to go in next time the weather decides to be crazy like that. 

*Funny little side note: On my way home there was a station wagon that was ahead of me for a short bit. When it got off the exit ramp I noticed it had a big ol' snow plow connected to the front. Maybe that's a normal thing for places that get this amount of snow routinely...but it was a funny site to see to me.

Since Ben had his 4th snow day...we got to play in it almost all day Tuesday. It was the perfect packing snow. Christian was the one who started making a BIG snowball first. I couldn't believe that it was that simple....just keep pushing it and it'll grow!

So I made some make a snowmen family.
Notice the pool in the was the snow hauler that Ben used to clear the driveway.
He made a big mound of snow...that eventually became a sledding run.

I needed Ben to do the lifting of "his" head....that sucker was heavy!

Christian loved being out in the snow. I think the cutest thing he would do was randomly plop down, lay back, and start flapping his arms and legs to make a snow angel. 
He wouldn't announce it...and when he was laying back, he'd just stop, and lay there for a bit....then get up and admire his work.

Here's my snow family....I took it from inside the house. We had the baby monitor hooked up outside, and Noah woke up, so I had to stop playing and go inside :)

On top of the mound of was going to be a fort, or igloo, or make tunnels with it. But then we just made it so we could sled down it. 

This is Noah's version of a snow day....
staying inside on his cozy blanket, kicking his legs and flapping his arms....and drooling all over!

On Wednesday, Ben had to return to school after his 6 days off!! But when he came home, the mound of snow was still there and Christian still wanted to go down it. It was even faster than the day before because some of it had started to melt.

It is so fun to be able to play in the snow...and glad that Christian thinks so too. The likelihood of this amount of snow happening again in the following years is not so we better enjoy it while we can!

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