Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

We have much to be grateful for this year. We've had a few transitions, some travels, and best of all our toddler..Christian. Its amazing to think of how much he has changed over the last year alone, he's growing up all too fast. He is quite entertaining and we are enjoying this phase of his life. You never know what he might say. He loves his trucks, tractors, and a variety of other toys, and enjoys spending time with his cousins and all the other family around as well!

Since we moved back to Hesston last fall we have enjoyed getting involved with our Sunday School class. Christian has also started going to Sunday School starting this September. Now, most Sunday's he will say "I go to Sunday School" and he will go into his classroom and sit at the table with the other kids. He also goes with me to Mom 2 Mom at a different church in town on Tuesday mornings. This is a little harder to go regularly because of my work schedules...but its nice for both of us to have others to connect with in that kind of setting.

We had a very good summer, that included a week and a half trip that included; CO, WY, MT, and Alberta, Canada. Some of the highlights along the way were seeing a rodeo in Cody, WY, going to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks and many other scenic views along the way. Our main reason for getting to go was for the Hershberger reunion, which was also a highlight. Ben, Christian and I drove leisurely on the way up and the way back was the opposite...we drove 26 hours straight through. Whew, we were glad to be home after that.

Ben started his new job in August, which we were very happy about! He is enjoying his class and the co-workers he has at the school. I still work at Newton Medical in the maternal child unit, but I just recently restarted at Wesley in the same unit I left a little over a year ago. The main difference is that I am only "prn" or as needed at both places. I feel this way I get the best of both worlds..and I feel blessed I can do something I really enjoy both places. The goal is that I hopefully will get to spend more time at home with Christian!

Carissa's wedding was in October, and we made another trip to be apart of that. And then in November, just Christian and I went up to Iowa to visit my college roommate and her family for several days. I think we are all done traveling for this year. I'm glad that Christian travels so well, it sure does make the time in a car WAY more enjoyable when all occupants are happy.

And now we are in the month of December..the tree, lights, and other Christmas decorations are up and we are in the Christmas spirit. It has been most enjoyable to have Christian apart of this in many ways. Not only does he like to hang his own ornaments on his mini tree in his room, but he also likes to read the Christmas story in children book form. The two that we mainly read are Always Room for Little One (about the stable animals inviting Mary and Joseph and "tired Donkey" in from the cold) and J is for Jesus (a CUTE book about the story behind candy canes).

Hopefully you can look back through our year on here and see some pictures and happenings from our home. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

love...Ben, Jessica, & Christian

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