Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hershberger Christmas [Harper]

Christmas day continued...
From my parents house, we left to celebrate with the extended Hershberger family in Harper.
On our way to Tim & Faith's house in Harper...Christian was a happy boy!

He was giggling at me pull down my sunglasses onto my nose and say, "excuuuuse me??" Sometimes it doesn't take much to entertain him (yet sometimes it takes EVERYTHING you've got! We won't talk about the car ride home several hours later. Let's just say, nap time is a very sacred time...and on this particular day, it was especially missed!)

Christmas Dinner
( all but Dan & Marla's family were there. Pictured here are Beth, John, Martha, and Howard)

Christian and his Great Grandpa Hershberger (which he does call him by his FULL name) 
matching in their red vests

 Christian with his Grandpa and Great Grandpa...getting a lesson in the things phones can do these days!

It was good to see everyone that was there and celebrate Christmas together.

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