Friday, December 16, 2011

A few "projects"

Christian and I did a few "projects" together. He would get SO excited when I asked if he wanted to do a project. He would wake up some days and say, "I do a project, mama. I do another project." They were very basic..but fun all the same.

This one was supposed to be like "stain glass" ornaments for his window...they didn't exactly turn out the way I thought..but he didn't know the difference at all.

 Terrible quality of picture..but he looked too cute not to put in on here. 

Onto the cookies...
he watched fairly patiently, and would occasionally help with pushing the cookie cutter down. He thoroughly enjoyed putting sprinkles on top..this was a highly supervised duty, so there are no pictures of that. And lastly..his favorite..the sampling of the "dar cookie" (star cookie).

Here are some of the other cookies "we" made...
reindeer (peanut butter) cookies and gingersnaps.

and this was Christian's cookie contribution for the most part...
staying busy coloring while standing on a chair to still be apart of the process.
And of course taste testing when they were finished!

Another big highlight of our days leading up to Christmas was opening the advent calendar door.
Some days it included a project or a book or just a piece of chocolate...
regardless, Christian would say, "I open number 7." It would never be the right number that he'd say, but he'd often pick a different number at random.

We had fun getting ready for Christmas. I didn't really expect Christian to be so willing to participate in some of the ideas, but you mention the word "project" and he's in!!!
A few of the other things we did were made a painted picture on canvas with his feet, made a popsicle stick nativity ornament, attempted to make an imprint of his hand in plaster, and read many Christmas stories. 
"Baby Jesus did wake up!"....his observation of the baby Jesus in the popsicle stick manger scene since Jesus was in the upright position :) Well of course that means he finally woke up instead of laying down in the manger like all the other nativities he saw.

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