Thursday, December 29, 2011

progressive meal

We did a progressive supper on Tuesday night at the KS sibling house's.

Appetizers at Mitch's.
I think we all were shocked with his performance.
He made potato skins from scratch.
He also had peppers, jalapenos, and chicken lightly breaded and fried.
It was GOOD.
Not sure we needed the main course after this!

Then we came over to our place for the main meal.
I made lasagna and chicken tetrazzini.
Carissa brought a side salad, and mom brought the bread. 

We had to use the blocks while here..I think its one of Dad's favorite things to do.

Dessert was served at Brent & Alyssa's.
They speak for themselves.
Pretty sure I could've kept popping these in my mouth.
Some of us may have done just that :)...starts with a M, ends with an addox. Who can blame him really??

Ava was showing us her dolls and her new doll house that she got for Christmas.

This was fun.
I vote we do it again sometime!

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the brokaws said...

and what is this new lens you are using, my friend? we shall talk later about this, because it takes some pretty fantastic pictures. and way to go mitch...those potato skins look mighty yummy.