Friday, December 2, 2011

The things he says...(2 years old)

Some of Christian's comments...

On Sunday, he came in while I was getting ready and said, "I'm all dressed up." Me: "Yes, you are. You are so handsome." C: "Mommy is handsome." I'll consider that a least I think in his mind he was saying a nice thing.

When we set up the Christmas tree during his nap, he came out and saw it all lit up for the first time, he said, "OOhhh, Aaaa, Aaa (Oo la la)!!! Christmas came!"

Sometimes we put on PBS, his favorites are Dinosaur Train, Super Wise (about spelling, which is over your head but you like the character), Arthur, and Curious George. When I'm turning through the channels to see if one of the shows is on, he will say, "Noo, not that one."(next channel) "No, not that one either." And this will continue until the show pops up and he will exclaim, "THERE it is!!"

"I need to focus Mommy. I need to focus." Yes you do my dear.. I have told him he needs to focus when he is on the potty. He is EASILY distracted, but once he does focus usually he does quite well. I'm grateful for any progress in the potty training dept, so I won't complain.

Another on the potty phrase..out of the blue you matter of factly said, "Goodness gracious sakes alive!" (I'm sure he heard this somewhere..but it took me off guard the first time he said this..kinda funny)

I was giving you food to eat and I said something about it being so good with a "you betcha" in there somewhere. His response was, "Nooooo. Not you betcha." (Onery, little picky eater :) )

I usually sing to him before putting him to bed...Jesus Loves Me, Away in a Manger, Silent Night..the list can go on and on..and sometimes he will say RIGHT away is "I don't like that one." But somehow Twinkle, Twinkle is the winner and he says, "okay" when I start with that one..or he'll just flat out request it. The other day I was singing Twinkle, Twinkle, and he just matter of factly says, "sing it louder, mama". Just getting pickier and pickier on me. It was hard for me not to laugh..but I sang it for him..meanwhile he starts singing Silent Night to himself..go figure :)

Music is pretty important to Christian..he will often be singing a song to himself while he plays. Lately the song selection includes: Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum (The Little Drummer Boy), Silent Night, Away in a Manager, Jesus Came, Jesus Loves Me, aaaannnd last but not least the Veggie Tales Theme Song. (I realize its slightly ironic that he enjoys singing these songs..but for whatever reason does not enjoy being sung these songs at bedtime)

I was eating breakfast with him the other day...I am not the example of health when it comes to breakfast. So while he ate his cereal, he looks up at me and says, "Mommy not drinking coffee, there's only cookies in there." ( I was "dunking" my oatmeal cookie in my coffee..because if I do eat breakfast, that's often what I eat)

"Where's Daddy? OH Dadd-io where are you? Daddy not here, Daddy is teaching."
This has since gone to including "mom-mio" in the vocab.

He will lie down on the floor and say, "I need a back rub." So I will rub your back a little bit. However the other day was even better, he said, "Mama needs a back rub" and proceeded to rub my back for a good 3 minutes! I love it :)

"I can play a little bit." Famous bedtime comment. Followed by, "I can not sleep" or "I not tired"

He is VERY thankful somedays. Everything receives a thank you. A diaper change.."oh, thank you mama. Thank you for changing my diaper." "Oh, thank you. Thank you for my "uice." (juice)...the list can literally go on and on. It gets rather amusing.

As I was driving on the interstate..."excuse me semi truck" as we are passing him. "Oh, and excuse me delivery truck, semi truck, excuse me."

And lastly an innocent little boy comment in the bathtub..
I had made it a bubble bath for him. He was playing with the toys, and then looked down and asked, "where did my wee-ee go?" and he looked a little more, "where did my wee-wee and my legs go?" After he move the water just a little, he looked again and said, "THERE is my wee-wee."

All these things he says and does..of course its not only the words but how he says them...alot of time in a light hearted serious 2 year old way but with the ending syllable almost in a question form and with facial movements or tugging on arms.

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the brokaws said...

hilarious. and even better now that we got to spend a few days hearing his little voice, I can just hear him saying these things!