Saturday, December 3, 2011

A few of my favorite things....of Christian's

**READING...if you can read..he will listen. And he definitely has his favorites. I think I've read Animal Train about 10 times in one day. At bedtime with the lights out, I simply recited it and that worked .

**BUILDING..these block were the best $3 spend at a garage sale. You LOVE to build tunnels, towers, garages, forts...they are GREAT! (And you dressed extra special with your "steak and shake" hat...classy!!)

***EATING CEREAL...although you are quite the picky eater..often cereal is an ol' standby option. You are in a phase of liking Golden Grahams right now.

*** seem to have calmed down with the idea to put on everybody's shoes, but you still enjoy your own. You have been more interested in zipper's and have mastered how to go up and down with them. But you have quickly learned that mama does not enjoy you zipping my jacket all the way to my say, "I will be careful."

***JUST PLAIN have a very creative mind. It is very entertaining to watch you make toys out of random items, or make other toys have a voice and you have conversations with them. Usually, when you are wanting to talk to an animal..or bring it to one of us and say, "here mama, here talk to the moose."

***WONDER...Sometimes it is almost as if I can see your wheels spinning. You are constantly observing and taking in things around you..and then retaining them to either act out or repeat later. Makes me think of the song, "Oh Be Careful Little (Eyes, Ears, Hands, Mouth) " it will be reflected!

*** love family. You love to go to "Grandma's house" and it's a double bonus if Kade is also there (he's your little play buddy!) Papa built you a "huge big tower" and you knocked it down!!!

**POTTY...its a learning process..but at least its a process that is in the works. You already know how it need a good magazine or book to read..or something like that. 

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