Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Master Bath Project

Our "master" bathroom started out as this...
a T-I-N-Y bathroom that was placed in between our bedroom and the kitchen.

From this view, you can't see the actual bathroom..
but it's relevant as it BECAME part of the current bathroom!
So the dark center of that mini inlet, is the opening to the bathroom from the kitchen/dining room. The back door is on the right, and directly across from that is a closet.
When we remodeled our kitchen, we closed that opening (our fridge is currently located right there) but we could still go outside by going through our bedroom/bathroom.

Our bathroom in the making...

The red part is a new shower area. This was where the back door/closet was. Ben added two glass windows which brings in so much light.
The new shower!

He also added an area for me! 
The entrance to the bathroom changed as well. The closet space in our bedroom wasn't able to be fully used, so he cut into that. The back "wall" was made out of the same wood the countertop as the main bathroom vanity. He bought a set of drawers, and found a quartz countertop piece off of Craigslist to finish the top. 

This area in the bathroom that made the closet change, also prompted other projects...a further closet update, painting our bedroom and getting carpet! This is the beginning of that..but shows the closet, and how the wall changed from this view.

The final look...
so glad to have this bathroom in functioning order. And VERY grateful for Ben's work, design and ability to make it come together.

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