Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Tuesday we (Mom, Alyssa & her kids, Carissa & Tim's family, and our family) went to the sports center place in Wichita.

Lots of trampolines, foam pits to jump in, various ropes to climb on, trapeze, etc....
Lots of energy to be burned off at this place! The kids loved it!

Jace is in the red shirt, Christian in the blue, and Kade in the orange.

Noah was very apprehensive of going on the trampolines by himself, and Jonah who I thought wouldn't go at all..was all about it :) Thankfully, there is a smaller kid area and these two stayed very busy there with Ben and Eliana. They pretty much had this area to themselves the whole time, which was also very nice (Noah is incredibly shy when it comes to playing with kids he doesn't know).

Christian walking the tightrope...

and falling down!

All the bigger kids loved the trapeze..


 Kade, Ava, Jace, Maddox

Christian flying!!

 Thanks Grandma for letting us come here!
Ava, Jonah, and Eliana watching the jumpers

We got to eat at Jimmy's afterwards...
a fun and special day out!

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