Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

As you reach the end of pregnancy, there are a few things that seem like they just shouldn't have to happen. 
#1: Someone parking EXTREMELY close to much so, that you cannot physically even get to the driver's side you "get" to climb through via the passengers side. This was following my shift at work.

and #2: Getting the stomach bug on Christmas Eve! Oh my, it hit around 6 am...and it went strong for a good 12 hours. Cruel I tell you, having to get in and out of bed quickly is a joke in and of itself, but add a terrible reason to have to run to the bathroom and it was no good! 

I missed out on the fun times at Mitch's house in the afternoon/evening. But I made it to the Christmas Eve service and then to Mom and Dad's with everyone else afterwards. The kids all got matching jammies...they looked so cute. 

We opened up our stockings, and then played some games.
 Lots and lots of laughing.

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