Thursday, December 1, 2016

Main Bathroom Project

This year, we had decided to complete the last of what we wanted to remodel in this house...which meant both bathrooms upstairs would be redone. 

This was the main bathroom when we bought the 2010. The minor changes we did then were paint, change the light fixtures, and remove the cabinets behind the door (they had a serious I did not care for).

So, in July...Ben started to completely gut it.
He had great supervisors.

New tub, sheetrock for the walls and ceiling, a skylight tube (which REALLY lights up the room), cabinet (painted/distressed it), and flooring (a waterproof laminate wood type) and the bathroom was starting to look different.

The vanity is a dresser we bought off Craigslist for $75 I think. He removed the top (which later became the doors), and made a countertop from some wood planks, sanded/stained/and epoxied (the clear glue-like substance that makes it bathroom countertop friendly to wipe up or get wet) it several times. The vanity part was painted/distressed, he removed the drawers, and added doors using the top of the dresser. I am very pleased with the final look :)

New tub with tiling in process....

So this started in July (as well as the other bathroom...which will be another post)...and there was a good chunk of time that this bathroom was out of working order, no toilet/sink. And then there was a shorter period where we could use the toilet, but the vanity/sink wasn't yet installed. Bottom line is, Ben worked hard at this...that is not up for debate. BUT, we have three little boys...two of them sleep directly across the hall from this bathroom, making the working hours slightly limited. AND, home bathroom demo projects are not Ben's full time job. I more state all of this for my own sake then anyone else's....because I was extremely ready for this project to be complete! Extremely. I was given the final projected completion date of "the end of November"....and my goodness, December 1 was a fantastic day. Glorious really. (And I'm not counting the small final touches, and the built-in cabinet that will tuck in by the tub as completion) We can use the toilet, sink, AND SHOWER....and that is wonderful folks! AND, I'm happy to report, with the final touch of a new door, there is no longer anything in here that has a scent of the previous owner.

Here are the final pictures...

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Ranee Brokaw said...

Good Work, Ben. And good work being patient, JJH--it looks like it was worth the wait. :)