Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas [Sweigart family]

Christmas Day!!!

All the cousins in their jammies.

After breakfast..Santa came to visit! 
It's safe to say Christian was very excited about his remote control helicopter. Jonah maybe wasn't the biggest fan.

Waiting to open presents.
We opened all the presents from each other (not the ones from Mom and Dad) before dinner. There was not a shortage of gifts! 

Following dinner, Carissa and Tim had an activity for us to do while the little ones were napping.
They had a box we opened, and inside were cans of silly string. Hmm...
We took it outside (prior to the rain), and they stood in the center of a circle. The color that came out would tell us what gender their baby is going to be!! They will be having another GIRL :)

We opened the presents from Mom and Dad in the sunroom. 
We are all quite spoiled.

Last year, some of the grandchildren got blanket/quilts made by Grandma. This year, the others did...she was a busy lady!!

The future cousins...
so crazy to think next Christmas, they will look mighty different (and hopefully their mama's do too!).
Baby Boy Hershberger (due January) ------- Baby Girl Gredler (due May)

We had to squeeze in our annual nativity play!
The cutest little sheep you ever did see. "Ana" (that's what Jonah calls her) and Jonah.

The pickle tradition...
I'm guessing Mr Sassy Pants didn't want to give the pickle back. He's not so good at hiding his emotions! We had to find the pickle in shifts...some people get a little too physical (ahem....Mitchell, Brent, and Ben!).

And whenever there is downtime...there were always at least a couple boys up for a game of foosball.

That was the nutshell of the day. I don't feel as though I am giving a clear picture...but there was alot of food, presents, food, laughing, food, games, food, laughing.
It was Christmas. A very good one!

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