Friday, December 23, 2016

Our Christmas

Christmas break started on Wednesday...we were all ready for it!
Playing, baking, puzzle making.

On Friday, we celebrated our own family Christmas in the afternoon/evening. 
We complete our Star from Afar advent, and read the Christmas story prior to opening presents. 

 Ladies...he's all mine. He asked for work suspenders!! I have a hard time taking him serious with this look :)

As soon as we were finished opening presents, Noah couldn't WAIT to get to his room to build with his magnets. He LOVES these things...and he loves sea animals...double win!

Our Christmas supper: Hamloaf, cheesy potatoes, green beans, dinner rolls, jello salad.

What a good Christmas. We have so much to be thankful for...our boys (the one to be born too!), our home, our safety, and most important our Savior who came to this world as a baby to save us all!

Jonah decided he had so much excitement for the day, he didn't want to call it a night when his brothers did. He had gotten out of bed, running around like a crazy boy...blanket covering his head, playing with all the loudest fridge toys! So Daddy said he would take him outside on a walk, which he promptly replied with clapping/shouting "HOORAY!! Me go on a walk!!! Bye Mommy!!!"

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